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We at Demetri Homes & Remodeling have designed a unique way to completely transform your awkward and unusable living room into an inviting, functional, and most importantly, LIVABLE SPACE! If you have an Amarillo, Bouganvillea, Sun-Kissed, or Stetson model, you owe it to yourself to see how adding just 96 square feet under your existing roof can drastically change the feeling of your home. 

The Basic Amarillo:

It is no secret that the living room in your Amarillo is not up to par. We know it is difficult to make use of such an awkward space but the good news is, we can help. By bumping out the front wall of your house, utilizing your existing roof, and front door, we can seamlessly add 96 more square feet making your living room usable again. 

In just about 30 working days, you will forget you ever struggled to entertain your family and friends. You won't even know we were there, except you may have become friends with our awesome staff in the process. 

Don't put up with that tiny living room one day longer! Call us today! 

The Porch Lover's Amarillo

If you're like us, you love your porch, you need your porch, and we don't blame you one bit. With this option, not only can you fit a new recliner set in your newly expanded living room, you can put a couple zero gravity chairs on your new porch as well! 

We've engineered a painless way to extend your roof the necessary distance to cover the extended porch slab, granting you TWO new spaces to help you enjoy your upgraded home. For just a bit more than the basic package, this option is well worth it. 

Have coffee, read the paper, wave at your neighbors and encourage them to come check out your spacious new Amarillo. 

The Advanced Amarillo


The options and opportunities are endless. Pull the front out, add the porch, maybe a bay window instead, enclose the lanai, upgrade the kitchen, new windows, new door, how about new flooring? There is really no wrong answer here, if you want it, now is the time! 

These upgrades are completely customized to your liking and by doing them at the same time, we only have to interrupt your peace and quiet once. 

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