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Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle

Demetri is a name synonymous with quality, obviously, but with honesty, integrity, passion and excellence more importantly. Since the 70s, every detail has been carefully considered and intimately orchestrated, personally. The "magic" is all in the schedule. To design an effective schedule, one must first have built the project in one's head, combing through all of the finer details. 

Some people like painting, some like cycling, others enjoy golf or pickleball. Jim, well, he likes solutions. "Problems" happen but how they're solved creates the distinction. No matter the size or complexity, we dedicate the utmost focus and care to the effective and efficient management of each project, without exception. We believe in transparency and we believe in precision; If something doesn't meet our standards, we fix it. We won't tolerate in your home, anything we wouldn't tolerate in ours. 

That goes for workmanship, but also the workmen. We seek to form meaningful relationships with both our tradesmen, as well as our customers. We couldn't do what we do without both parties! Some of our trade relationships are over 20 years old, some much younger, but what remains constant is the collective adherence to excellence in service. 


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